Allicin Medical Uses (W)

An A to Z of aliments that allicin can be used to treat

W Warts – Wounds


Medical Definition
A wart is a benign growth on the skin caused by infection with human papillomavirus. Common warts are firm horny papules, found mainly on the backs of the hands. Most will clear spontaneously within 2 years. Plane warts are flat and skin colored and therefore difficult to see; they are usually found on the face and may be present in very large numbers. Genital warts are frequently associated with other genital infections and affected women have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer.

TreatmentApply allicin cream once or twice daily by massaging a small amount into the surface of the wart. Users report that the treatment takes effect in approximately 2 weeks and the warts have completely disappeared within 1 month. One user re-applied allicin every day for no more than a week and found the warts had completely disappeared.


Medical Definition
A break in the structure of an organ or tissue caused by an external agent.

Current research shows that allicin formulations can help to heal wounds quickly and prevent infection.

TreatmentIf an infection is present in a wound then allicin powder, backed up by a normal dose of allicin powder capsules does appear to remove stubborn wound infections.

Personal Testimonial
The author writes: ”I am a bit clumsy and have to admit that just about every time I am out in the backyard I do something that causes me a minor injury! Well now I routinely apply a little allicin powder to the bandaid before I stick it over the wound. A short while ago I got a nasty wooden splinter in my thumb – it immediately began to swell and was very painful. I managed to get the wood out but my thumb was beginning to balloon. So I just applied 2 drops of allicin liquid to the plaster and repeated this a few hours later. The pain had already gone and within a day the swelling was much better and I healed perfectly. This is also unusual for me as I am a diabetic and am very slow to heal. So this time my thumb healed perfectly the old skin flaked away to reveal a perfectly healed wound with no scarring.”