Allicin Medical Uses (D)

An A to Z of aliments that allicin can be used to treat

D Dandruff – Diarrhoea


Medical Definition
Visible scaling from the scalp is common and evident in at least 50 per cent of the population. Dandruff is caused by the yeast Pityrosporum ovale, and is often the precursor of seborrhoeic eczema of the scalp. This is usually accompanied by a degree of inflammation and greasy scaling.

Most people don’t realize that dandruff is caused by a fungal infection and most proprietary shampoos and conditioners just do not contain any antifungal agents at all. Consequently very little impact is made, and yet a huge amount of money is spent on the latest cosmetic products, which promise success. Allicin liquid can be mixed with any shampoo or conditioner and just a few applications will get rid of dandruff very easily. Again it is necessary to adopt the ”heal from within and heal from without” principle. This means that you must start taking allicin powder at the same time, since we are trying to get rid of an infection and then prevent it from coming back.

TreatmentAdd 800mg of allicin powder to a normal measure of shampoo and massage as usual in the last wash. You can then use a conditioner if necessary. Repeat this every time you wash your hair for about 1 month. At the same time start taking just 180mg of allicin powder every day and continue this to help prevent the infection from returning.


Medical Definition
There are two major types of diabetes: juvenile-onset and maturity-onset.

The symptoms of juvenile-onset diabetes come on very dramatically and rapidly because the beta cells in the pancreas are producing little or no insulin. Insulin shots are required to manage juvenile-onset diabetes.

The symptoms of mature-onset diabetes appear more gradually, and can be treated by diet and tablets alone. Occasionally insulin injections may be necessary. In mature-onset diabetes, the beta cells in the pancreas still produce insulin, but it is the insulin receptors that become less sensitive to the insulin. Hence mature-onset diabetics have to control their blood sugar levels too.

Diabetics are three times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than a normal individual, are less able to fight off infections and will heal much more slowly than non-diabetics. Allicin powder can offer a cascade of benefits to people suffering from diabetes.

TreatmentTo keep your circulation fit and healthy take 360mg of allicin powder every day. Use the liquid, as detailed below, for treating minor wounds.

The author’s own experience
As the author of this book I have a unique experience with the production and application of allicin. I am also a diabetic of some 32 years standing so anything I can do to reduce the risks detailed above has to be good for me. Consequently I take alliicin capsules every day to help keep my blood pressure, cholesterol and circulation fit and healthy. Anyone who knows me will tell you that before the advent of allicin powder capsules, I used to take a popular garlic powder supplement and every year around October time I would get a real stinker of a cold. This would inevitably last at least 10 days as my immune system doesn’t function as well as a non-diabetic and my blood sugar levels would go haywire. Since starting allicin powder capsules several years ago I have not had ANY colds despite now having 2 young children at school! I can only put this down to allicin.

Diabetics, myself included, also tend to heal very slowly. I still have a scar from a minor burn I sustained when I was a teenager and every time I cut myself it seems to take ages to heal properly. However, recently I have started putting allicin powder onto plasters or bandages used to dress small cuts and grazes. A short time ago I got a nasty wood splinter in my thumbnail. I managed to remove it but immediately it started to swell up a little and became very painful. I immediately added just 300mg of allicin powder to a band-aid and dressed the wound. Literally within a few hours the pain and swelling had begun to reduce. The next day, I changed the dressing and within 3-4 days the wound had healed, the swelling had gone and it was not painful at all. Several days later, having stopped the treatment, my skin began to flake and peel away leaving a perfectly healed thumb – allicin really is great stuff for diabetics.


Medical Definition
Frequent bowel evacuation or the passage of abnormally soft or liquid faeces. This is often caused by intestinal infection especially by Escherichia coli. Severe or prolonged diarrhoea may lead to extreme loss of fluids, salt and nutrients.

I can personally guarantee that this works. As a person who sometimes gets a stomach upset that leads to terrible stomach pains followed by the classic ”explosion”, I have in the past relied on pharmaceutical preparations, which certainly do work. However, currently I much prefer to use allicin as it is safe, natural and very effective!

TreatmentYou can get rid of this type of problem very easily with allicin powder capsules. All you need to do is take a large dose – once and this will get rid of an upset stomach. Take 1080mg of allicin powder in one go. This may have to be repeated six hours later.