Allicin Medical Uses (N)

An A to Z of aliments that allicin can be used to treat

N Nappy Rash


Medical Definition
A red skin rash, within the nappy area, is usually caused by chemical irritation (ammoniacal dermatitis) or infection with Candida. Ammoniacal dermatitis is caused by skin contact with a soiled nappy. The stool bacteria react with urine to form the irritant ammonia.

Allicin cream has the consistency and quality to be used as a nappy rash treatment. It contains 125ppm (parts per million) allicin and can kill fungal infections at a concentration as low as 1.7ppm!

TreatmentEach morning apply a thin covering of allicin cream all over the nappy area. If possible do not allow your baby to sit in a soiled nappy for very long before changing. Apply the cream every time you change your baby.