Allicin Medical Uses (R)

An A to Z of aliments that allicin can be used to treat

R Ringworm – Rosacea


Medical Definition
A fungal infection of the skin, scalp and nails, caused by dermatophyte Microsporium trichophyton and Epidermaphyton, which can affect animals and are usually the source of infections in humans. Ringworm can be spread by direct contact or by infected materials. Lesions are ring-like and cause intense itching. The commonest form is Athlete’s foot. Ringworm can also affect the groin and thighs.

TreatmentUse a few hundred miligrams of allicin powder added to your normal shampoo and use 2-3 times a week. At the same time take 360-720mg of allicin powder per day and this can be reduced down to 180mg per day once you have got rid of the infection.


Medical Definition
A chronic inflammatory disease of the face in which the skin becomes abnormally flushed. It can become pustular and there may be associated keratinitis. Most common in women and the cause is now thought to be a type of parasite known as Demodex, which is found in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. They resemble tiny worms and they are difficult to dislodge. It is also thought that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori may also be responsible for rosacea. Allicin will be able to destroy these parasites and bacterial infections.

TreatmentApply allicin cream directly to the pustules once or twice per day. Also add 360mg of allicin powder per day permanently to boost your immune system.